Samsung product

Samsung Techwin has developed advanced technology for electronic & mechanical design, process, and production with high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise of developing and producing jet engines, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, and opto-electronic machines.

tsm product

Total Soldering Machinery (TSM), Reflow and Wave Soldering

sec product

SEC provides premier electron microscope for nanotechnology. Nano-eye series covers affordable table-top electron microscope for entry level as well as conventional scanning electron microscope for experienced level.
Available Models: SM4500m, sne3200m/sne-3000mb

jutze product

Jutze is a professional visual inspection equipment manufacturer.

pemtron product

Pemtron Co.,Ltd. On the basis of the fundametal technology of micro nano 3D precision measurement, has developed and supplied solder paste inspection equipment, semiconductor inspection equipment and the inspection equipment such as LCD, PDP, etc in the high technology field of SMT, semiconductor, and display.

famecs product

Total board handling equipmen.

xavis product

Xavis has development the best quality X-ray Inspection System for semi-conductor X-ray.
Available Models: X-ray Inspection System